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Howdy, Welcome to Lubbock

Hi, my name is Matt Moreland. I am a Realtor in Lubbock, Texas and use my background in real estate finance and investments to help my clients build and grow their own investment portfolios. My own experience investing in real estate has inspired a passion within me to do everything I can to aid others in their real estate journeys, whether their goal is to find their dream home or achieve financial independence.

I specialize in multifamily and other investment real estate properties and enjoy helping others see the freedom that is attainable through real estate investing. I love Lubbock real estate, and can usually be found touring newly listed homes every afternoon. When I'm not helping others tackle real estate transactions, I can usually be found on the BiggerPockets forums, hunting, or working on my winery/vineyard business—FermForge!

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Matt Moreland, Realtor is a real estate agent serving Lubbock and the South Plains.

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