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5 Essential Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

When you own a home, no matter how new or old, things are going to break or fall apart. Be sure that you have these five essential tools that will have you covered in most situations that you will come across.

Cordless Drill

Having a cordless drill will come in handy for a multitude of things around the house, whether you're repairing a sagging door, installing security cameras, or fixing a wobbly kitchen table.

A corded power drill is the best tool for jobs that require more torque and will require long hours of use. Things like building a wooden deck in your backyard, building a pergola, or working close to a power outlet. Cordless drills are my go-to when I don't want to haul bundles of extension cords, need to get somewhere hard to reach, or don't have a lot of screws that need to be installed.

Folding Ladder

A ladder is something you will never think about until the moment comes when you need it. In my case, it was when the batteries in a smoke alarm 18 feet up in my living room decided they needed to be changed... at 3:00 am. If not for the small but might folding ladder tucked away in my garage, who knows if I would've gotten any more sleep before getting up 3 hours later to start the day.

Ladders are relatively inexpensive when considering the value they provide around the house and even job site depending on your profession. I prefer folding ladders, as they are much easier to transport in a car or truck, as well as carry around the house when you need to get it set up.

Although the setup and take-down are not quite as intuitive as traditional ladders, once you've got it down then you have it forever, and configuring the ladder in different ways becomes second nature.


Whether you have a simple DIY project you want to complete for fun or have something more sizable like a patio renovation or homemade furniture, you can accomplish most any of your cutting needs with a jigsaw.

This simple yet versatile tool is a must-have in every homeowner's toolbox. Whether you have a big budget or not, you can find jigsaws online or at your local hardware store anywhere from $20 - $85 depending on brand and what accessories are included.

Although the ability to make razor straight cuts is not in the ballpark of a miter saw or table saw, you are still able to accomplish reasonably straight cuts that get the job done in a pinch. If necessary, you can even take a few extra minutes in order to create a jig of sorts using a straight and thin board along with some nails to tack it on in order to guide the saw and make even straighter cuts without relying on the steadiness of your hand or hoping your saw blade does not jump around while moving along the cut.

Square and Level

The value of a carpenter's square or speed square and a level should not be underestimated.

With a square, you are able to measure precise angles to mark for cuts, as well as use it as a straight edge. This steps your woodworking and DIY project game up BIG TIME. When you are no longer restricted to making boring straight cuts across the width of a 2x4, you are able to begin doing cool things like cutting joints, making non-square shapes, and frame out things like rooftops on dog houses and chicken coops much easier.

For $10 - $20, this tool is an irreplaceable asset to have in your toolbox.

The level is not only necessary when doing any sort of woodworking or DIY project, but it is also crucial when mounting a television, hanging picture frames and mirrors, or mounting a curtain rod for hanging drapes.

There is a wide array of levels available from the traditional box beam level with the bubble in the cylinders that immediately comes to mind when you hear the word "level", to the more high-tech and modern laser levels outfitted with magnets, lasers, and adhesive tabs to stick them to your work surface or wall for easier working when you don't have enough hands for a job.


In summary, those are five things that every single new homeowner should have at a minimum in their toolbox when they buy a home.

Hopefully, whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in your home for decades now, this list of recommendations was both helpful and informative for you. I'm sure a few of you have had a smoke alarm experience in the middle of the night as I have. The chirping that haunts my nightmares!

As always, if you have any real estate questions or needs and if there's anything in the world I can do for you--connect with me on social media or feel free to reach me directly at (806) 416-9163.

By Matt Moreland, Realtor


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